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Our mission

Our mission is to awaken the full potential in IT projects by connecting teams, modern technologies and innovative ideas across company boundaries. In doing so, we take responsibility – in our projects and for our environment. 
For the success of our projects, we always keep an eye on the people: at our company, at the customer, at our partners. We rely on individual strengths and connect teams, people and competencies.


Our vision: enabling companies to shape the world of tomorrow

Our vision is to enable companies to shape the world of tomorrow through our actions. For this goal, we at Viada work together in our projects day after day. 
We live customer orientation and service, because the success of our customers is our success. We shape visions as a team. We think ahead, actively design and act innovatively. We have summarized an insight into the development of our company vision in the video:

Red Hat Premier Business Partner

Our outstandingly good cooperation with vendors such as Red Hat rightly represents a unique selling point in Germany.

Viada Red Hat Partnerschaft
Über uns

Quality Management

Clear processes for your success.

The best solution at all times: In order to be able to meet your and our high requirements throughout the entire development process, we orient each of our work steps to the highest quality standards.
In doing so, we rely not only on our high personal standards, but above all on objectively measurable criteria and a uniform process design that constantly improves our performance.
To this end, all internal work processes at VIADA have been transferred to a quality management system and their compliance and uniformity are regularly documented in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

What we offer you:

  • ISO 9001 certification
  • Regular QM audits
  • QM thought holistically anchored in the company structure
  • Secure workflow through defined processes
  • QM representative as permanent contact person

Climate neutral work

Responsible treatment of the environment: Part of our corporate philosophy is to treat our environment responsibly. In addition to avoiding CO2 emissions, for example by using green electricity or using rail as our preferred mode of transport, we have made it our goal to bind all CO2 emissions that we cannot avoid.

Our motto is “all or nothing.” Therefore, we fully offset both the emissions that occur at the Viada site, for example from electricity, heating and water consumption, but also from travel and hotel accommodation in our projects. In addition, we also offset the travel of all employees to the workplace.

Viada Klimaneutrales Arbeiten
Plant-for-the-planet Viada


We are a proud partner of the children’s and youth initiative Plant-for-the-Planet. The initiative aims to plant 1,000 billion trees with the support of adults, companies and governments. With this number of trees, a significant part of man-made CO2 can be bound. Plant-for-the-Planet also carries out its own tree planting projects in countries of the South.

As part of our cooperation, we support Plant-for-the-Planet in planting trees on the foundation’s own land on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. We are also helping to empower more children to join adults in planting 1,000 billion trees through additional support for Plant-for-the-Planet academies and ongoing mentoring of trained climate justice ambassadors.

Plant-for-the-Planet ensures for us that all CO2 equivalents are 100% offset through the purchase and retirement of emission reduction certificates. Decommissioning means that the certificates are not resold and are permanently removed from the economic cycle.

We are proud of this partnership and are committed to keeping Viada’s work completely carbon neutral for all employees in the long term.

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